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Finger picking folk
Lose This Fight by kristanyorkmusic
 Category:  Folk Music
  Posted: September 22, 2013      Views: 96

I'm a 24 year old singer/songwriter from western Massachusetts. You can call my music folk, or alternative country, or americana, or folk rock... but I call it music.

The winner of the Song of the Month. You can listen to the song here.

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What's mine is ours and yours is mine, open up the door to find,
Sitting there in the unknown; a room full of dirt and flowers have grown,
You asked for tulips but a rose will do, planted them in rows of two,
Asked for daisies but a rose is fine, planted them in rows and lines,
And I know I will lose this fight, I know I will lose this fight.

Metaphors and similes, never mean enough to me,
Groups of people in a foreign field, massacre and they'll never yield,
Turning music into bales of hay, making gold from the songs we play,
Bone of truth has begun to crack, house is fallen into a shack,
And I know I will lose this fight, I know I will lose this fight.

Cats and dogs once lived outside, you weren't always afraid to cry,
Praying for the next of kin, paying for the Texican,
Open up the bottle of wine, pour it out and then crawl inside,
Hide in there for all of your years, whiskey-bled, sweat and tears,
And I know I will lose this fight, I know I will lose this fight.
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Artist Notes
One guitar and voice. Engineered by Aaron Cappucci
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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