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True worship in His presence
Miracle Worker by Byno David
 Category:  General Music
  Posted: June 24, 2013      Views: 64


Byno David is a Nigerian Gospel Artiste with the love of different genres who has chosen to take gospel music to a level where it would be appreciated by everyone.
He is a great music lover who has never withdrawn the sense of taking to heart dif - more...

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Have you read the papers; where you see innocent ones dieing
Have you ever asked why it is'nt you
Don't you watch the TVs; where you see everyone crying
Don't you care to know why it is'nt you

Because I care, I'll lift my hands
I'll lift my voice to the miracle worker
Because I care
I'll tell the world who God is

God is a miracle worker
God is a glorious God

Though I see the troubles
I don't care cos I have a Father
A Father who was and is to come
Don't you know your Father
He can turn the hands of the clock anyhow
Don't you care to know him more and more

Because I care, I'll lift my hands
I'll lift my voice to the miracle worker
Because I care
I'll tell the world who God is
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A worship experience
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