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An Alternative Rock Song in Sinhala
Supirima Sangramaya by Thushan Ushanka
 Category:  Rock/Pop Music
  Posted: February 4, 2013      Views: 144

Supirima Sangramaya (Alternative Rock)

Lowe asirimath mee wage....
natha wena kreedawak
Yugayen yugayata peathirenne....
jawa eathi kreedavay

Kreeda lokaye mahathma satanay
Supirima Sangramayay thana nille

Urin ura geatey prathimalun mee polowe
dinannee kandayamay balawathun athi mee yugaye

Keli bimay mee mihithalaye
shakthiyen.. bala gannaa

Supirima Sangramayay thana nille

Tharuna bale.. pitiya pura reaw denne
panduwe weegen unusuma peathirenne
abhimane randee.... ahimane randee

Panduwa pitiyen epitata peana yanne
jayagosa dasa desa reaw demine

Jawa eathi jaya tanba wetha yana kreedaway
Jawa eathi jaya tanba wetha yana kreedaway
Jawa eathi jaya tanba wetha yana kreedaway
Jawa eathi jaya tanba wetha yana kreedaway
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Artist Notes
Artist : Thushan Ushanka
Lyrics : Kishan Ajantha
Melody : Kishan Ajantha & Thushan Ushanka
Music Composed : Thushan Ushanka
Mixed : Thushan Ushanka
Mastered : Thushan Ushanka
(Voice Recorded & Voice Mixed to the Mastered Track at Nawalage Studio, Kandana, Sri Lanka by Priyantha Nawalage)
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© Copyright 2015 Thushan Ushanka All rights reserved.
Thushan Ushanka has granted, its affiliates and its syndicates non-exclusive rights to display this work.

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