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Original rock about the Titanic sinking
Titanic Song by stanj3
 Category:  Rock/Pop Music
  Posted: May 18, 2012      Views: 163

There's fifteen feet of water on the floor
A crack in the hull where the sea's pouring in ten more
A nightmare without an open door
The lifeboats hold only forty not one more

Captain is our ship going under the sea
Captain we need another ship desperately

The iceberg was like a hungry white
An unseen killer waiting in the shadows of night
California shining to the left
Just ten miles away can't she hear us God why is she deaf

Captain there's twenty two hundred lives in your hands
Captain take us away get us to dry land

Our hopes gone Titanic's ninety degrees
Sliding into the water where we'll drown of freeze

Captain say a prayer for us left aboard
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