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A song about PTSD
Kept It All In And Drank It All Out by dutchessdnn
 Category:  General Music
  Posted: April 11, 2012      Views: 368

Donna Dutchess Songwriter´┐╝ Biography Stricken with spinal meningitis at the age of 18 months, Donna lost 60% of her hearing. Regardless, music has always been special in her life, remembering Ô??composingÔ?? symphonies in her head as early as 5 yea - more...

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Kept It All In & Drank It All Out

Jack was a man during world war II

Jumped out of airplanes in his parachute.

Never spoke about it, never could forget it

You could see it in his eyes, he was never the same.

don't speak...don't tell...just take it like a man.

Had a golden future after the war

Had a couple of kids and a wife he adored

You could see the pain in his eyes

From a war that was still raging deep inside.

don't speak...don't tell...just take it like a man.

He kept it all in and drank it all out.
Fearing to go to sleep when the nightmares would start.
Keep a stiff upper lip and take it like a man, they said
When every night his sanity was washed in bloodshed
During the day he was plagued with constant blackouts
As he kept it all in and drank it all out.

As time went on he spiraled deeper into a hole
People looked at him and called him a poor lost soul
His marriage began to fail and his kids were all estranged
Not able to bear watching their father just fade away. {chorus}

Jack's gone now, he's left this world in total disgrace
But a new generation of soldiers have taken his place.
Their cries are heard in the night as they sleep
As they store away the visions of a world with no peace..

(bridge) don't speak...don't tell...just take it like a man
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Artist Notes
My father was in the Airborne Division during WWII, who suffered from the affects of the war (now known as PTSD) his entire life. As the song says, the affects was devestating upon the entire family. I honor my father with this song as well as all veterans. My prayer is that through awareness, our veterans can get the help they need. Its time we stopped ignoring this horrible problem.
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